Topcon Technology Ltd designs and manufactures a wide range of instrumentation for the mobile machinery industry. Instruments can monitor, measure or control. Example areas of expertise include on-board weighing or payload weighing scales (loader weighing scales, excavator weighing scales, telehandler weighing scales and forklift weighing scales), rate control, drill, baler and wrapper controls.

The company has a wide range of standard instruments that are supplied and supported through specialist distributors in many parts of the world. Topcon Technology Ltd is always interested to hear from potential new distributors.

In addition to the standard range, Topcon Technology Ltd provides customised solutions to the OEM machinery industry, where Topcon engineers work closely with the customer to provide an efficient, economic solution for the customer’s technical requirements.



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  The NEW LOADEX 200 uses a 7″ colour, resistive touchscreen display and additional physical keys providing a




To read about the Topcon Technology product line on display at the Hillhead show this year, please click !


The RDS Technology product line of on-board weighing products will be on display at Cereals in June this month. Informat


“We chose RDS due to the ease of use of their monitors and the reliability of their system as proved over the years we have worked together.”

Tom Pine, Combine Product Manager for Claas UK

“..after fitting the new RDS WL a10 loader scale, we found that I was loading an additional $160 worth of PKE per day – I calculated that in 34 days the new scales would be paid for”

Dairy farmer Jason Huggett (New Zealand)